Q6600 Mobo pairing


Jan 30, 2012
So I've been using my gigabyte board for a while with ddr2, and after looking to upgrade my ram, I decided it'd probably be better just to go with a new mobo/ram (ddr3, 2 is getting expensive due to all the factories shutting down in china).

Was wondering if anyone out there had some suggestions for a high end socket 775 board from their experiences.

Was also thinking of just upgrading to an I5 mobo combo if the price was right...

Any insight would be much appreciated.

If u can buy new and much better and faster, why look at 775. Its old now. To buy 775 today, its huge step back : )

i5 is the way to go.

What is the budget?
I would go with Z68 because the features.
There are 3 major differences between the P67 and the Z68.

Intel SRT (Smart Response Technology) lets you to use a small SSD (<50GB) to work as a caching drive to speed up the boot, start up of apps and access times.

IGP Support (Integrated Graphics on Processor) the Z68 boards have build in support for the IGP. The main advantages of this is that it will allow you to use the IGP for things like backup graphics and help with trouble shooting issues. Also with the Lucid Logix Virtu software you switch between the IGP and the dedicated video card for the best performance for the application that you are running.

Intel SATA III controller is better performing then the old Marvell controller that is used on the P67 boards.

Z68 is also great overclocker!

Those are the differences between the Z68 and the P67.