Question Q6600 overclock

Nov 8, 2018
Hello, i have a q6600 and i want to overclock it. It has G0 stepping. Can i overclock it to 2.88 GHz without increasing the Vcore Voltage?
Cool. That's my old chip! :) Great little OC'er.

What mobo and ram do you have? This is important.

To answer your question yes. If you change the fbs from 266 to 333mhz, it should actually boot at 3ghz. You shouldn't need a voltage bump from stock, but as a guide, I had mine running at 1.3v. It ran sweetly like that for 5 years. Also, there is no real need to change the CPU multiplier at all.

You also need a min of 667mhz capable ram. This will give you an FSB of 1333mhz, (or 333mhz quad pumped) which equates to 3ghz for the cpu clockspeed.