Q6600 Overclocking Need Help :(


Jul 13, 2009
hi, ive recently just got my 790I Ultra Motherboard stable, i have a Q6600 @2.4ghz, 8 giggs of DDR3 Corsiar 1600 Mhz Ram (Duel Channel), 2x evga 9600gt ko (sli). Ive been trying to overclock my Q6600 as ive heard its very good at maintaing 3ghz and being stable, however every overclock i try no matter what the FSB incriment is i constantly hardlock. Im a real newb at overclocking so im proberly doing something stupid, I would be really greatful if you could set me on the right path to getting this overclock working, My Bios settings are included below;
BIOS Version: P07
**System **
CPU Freq, MHz: 2.4 GHZ
FSB Reference Clock, MHz: 1067
CPU Multiplier: [9X]
PCle x16-1 & 16-2, MHz: [100]
PCle x16-3, MHz: [100]
SPPc->MCP Ref Clock, MHz: [200]
nForce SPP --> nForce MCP: [5X]
nForce SPP c-- nForce MCP: [5X]
**Spread Spectrum**
CPU Spread Spectrum: [Disabled]
HT Spread Spectrum: [Disabled]
PCle Spread Spectrurn(SPP): [Disabled]
PCle Spread Spectrurn(MCP): [Disabled]
SATA Spread Spectrum: [Disabled]
**FSB & Memorv Config**
FSB - Memory Clock Mode: [unlinked]
FSB - Memory Ratio: FSB (QDR), MHz: [1067]
Actual FSB (QDR), MHz: 1067
x MEM (DDR), MHz: 1600
Actual MEM (DDR), MHz: 1600
P1: [AUTO]
P2: [AUTO]
**Memory Timing Setting**
Memory Timing Setting:
[manual] tCL (CAS Latency): 9
tRP: 9
tRAS: 24
Command Per Clock: [1T]
** Advanced Memory Settings **
tRRD: [Auto]
tRC: [Auto]
tWR: [Auto]
tWTR: [Auto]
tFAW: [Auto]
tREF: [Auto]
**System Voltages**
CPU Core: [1.275]
CPU FSB: [1.35]
Memory: [1.8]
nForce SPP: [1.45]
nForce MCP: [1.65]
GTLVREF Lane 0: [Auto]
GTLVREF Lane 1: [Auto]
GTLVREF Lane 2: [Auto]
GTLVREF Lane 3: [Auto]
**CPU Configuration**
Limit CPUlD Maxval: Disabled
Intel Speedstep: Disabled
xPPM Mode: [Native]
CPU Thermal Control: [Disabled]
C1E Enhanced Halt State: [Disabled]
Execute Disable Bit: [Disabled]
Virtualization Technology: [Disabled]
CPU Core 0: [Enabled]
CPU Core 1: [Enabled]
CPU Core 2: [Enabled]
CPU Core 3: [Enabled]
Any help on how i could achieve a 3ghz stable overclock on this processor would be greatly apriciated Thanks Jack

PS: My core temps are quite hot on idle running at 50 average, im buying a new cooler and artic silver thermal paste to try and get it in its 30's, im using an evo cooler atm but 2 of the 4 bolts are missing to secure it and im using bog standard thermal paste, im thinking that mabye this could be why i cant overclock, if someone can verify that this is what could be causing me insane instability when i log into windows vista then ill give it another crack when my new cooler arrives


My Rig
22 inch HDMI ready HANNS.G Monitor
WolfKing Keyboard
Normal Mouse(lol)
2xEVGA 9600 GT sli
8 gigs of Corsair 1600 Mhz dual Channel
500 Gig Hardrive
EVGA 790i Mobo
EVO CPU cooler
Creative X sound Card
You should be able to run at 3.0 GHz with the stock cooler. Anything higher, you need better cooling. Anything over 3.3 GHz or so, you need really good cooling.

At between 3.3 GHz and 3.6 GHz, the CPU is pulling nearly 10 amps (I measured), so it will heat up very quickly. The HSF needs to be properly mounted - that means with all the hardware. :)

You might try dropping the Command per Clock setting to 2T. What is the recommended voltage for the RAM. It may need more voltage.

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