Question Q6600 tape mod not working. Cpu is not going above 50° c.

Jan 13, 2022
I just recently upgraded from my Pentium D 925 to the Q6600 especially because of that tape mod promising a 3 ghz OC from 2.4 ghz. The bios of this motherboard is very old from 2006 so idk if there is an option in there which would allow me to change the FSB as some other post mentioned also i can't OC from this motherboard as its locked and the only thing i know about it is the HIS branding nothing much. Also i ran a stress test and it isn't going above 50°c in core temp the t.j max says 100°c but idk if thats the proper valuation or not.
There is no Intel chipset from 2006 that officially supported 1333FSB, although 963/965 and the even older 975x could certainly be overclocked to there if you had the BIOS settings to do so.

If you are trying to overclock an OEM board though, then official support for that FSB is required to do the tape mod. Your board came with a Pentium 4 (support for which was dropped from all Intel chipsets in 2007) so you are doing well to actually be running a C2Q at stock 1066 speed--most P4 chipsets did not support anything faster than C2D at 800FSB
I can't remember where the BSEL mod works on the q6600, I think when I did it years ago I had a dell oem board and ran DDR3 800mhz, and doing the tape mode increased that to 1066mhz I believe and a 3ghz CPU clock, if I remember right some board it just doesn't work, and I think it has to do with what FSB the board supports, Its been so long since I messed with a q6600 system and I could be totally wrong, I do remember trying to cut out a tiny piece of tape with my unstable hands lol