Q6600 vs i7 920 and at OC's


Apr 11, 2009
hey guys just wondering if you could help me on this:

whats a good temp for Q6600 at idea and load and what is max temp it should be at?
i have a:
12 hundred case
8 gb of 1600mhz ddr3 ram cosair
650w psu
512mb 8800GT getting 2x 1gb 9800gt soon hopefuly (if i get enough money?)

and was wondering if with this it is possiable to get CPU running at 3.6ghz and least 3ghz
and ram running at 2000mhz

aslo can you overclock your graphics card? and if so how?

last thing is what would be a better CPU for overclocking, value and in general for games: Q6600 or i7920?
even though i imagen i7 is better!
The Q6600 should be <70C or so full load. Idle temps don't really matter that much. Assuming it's a G0, 3.4GHz or so shouldn't be hard to achieve.

As for the better CPU, I would say the i7 920 is the better choice if someone were building a new computer right now, but if you already have a Q6600, there's absolutely no reason to change. It isn't worth the money.