Q6600 with 1333 fsb


Jan 21, 2009
Hi all, I have been trying to overclock my q6600 for about two weeks and haven't been able to get solid results. I have a MSI 780i motherboard that is rated with a 1333 FSB. In my BIOS the only thing that I can change is my FSB. If I go above 1333 at all I cannot get it to boot unless in safe mode. The most success that I have had is at 1333 but Prime 95 will only run on the 1st and 3rd test. If I put in place large FFT's (the second stress testing option) it will only run for about 2 seconds. Is this second option crucial for reliable overclocking? The other two test ran overnight without problems. Also I have the B3 stepping, is this a downfall to my processor?