Aug 9, 2009
I've upped my q9550 to 3.4 by only upping the fsb to 400. I'm new at this, and very conservative, don't want to do something foolish.

But, what is a reasonable target to shoot for? I'm very stable at 3.4 and cpu only running 36 degrees at idle. (Coolermaster v8 cooler) seems to handle any heat well.



Jan 17, 2007
I agree with grieve, the heat increases exponentially not linearly as you increase voltages and clocks. As again anything above 3.4-3.6 will not be any any use and think about how much wasted power you will be creating.
What I usually do is find the point where you have to start increasing the voltage drastically for higher clocks, and use that as a daily use speed. My i7 for example does not run at the 4.2GHz in my sig most of the time (though I do crank it up there for benchmarking, CPU-limited gaming [FSX], and MATLAB and solidworks from time to time). Instead, most of the time, it runs at 3.73GHz, since I've found that it can run 3.73 at basically stock voltage (1.223v, according to CPU-Z), but anything more and you start needing significantly more voltage, and the power and heat start climbing much faster once you are past that point. It'll be different in every CPU, but it's not too difficult to find - just overclock with the voltage set to 1.25 or so, and see where you hit the limit. Once you are at the limit, back off just a hair (50-100MHz) and see how low you can get the voltage. Once that is done, that is where I would keep mine for daily use.