Q9550 + Striker II extreme + PC3-10666 objective > 4Ghz


Dec 10, 2008
Hi all,

I'm very new to the whole overclocking world, so patience is of the essence.

My setup:

Q9550 - striker II extreme (bios1104) - core contact freezer - tx750w psu - 9800gx2 - xms3xhs ddr3 1333mhz 4gb ram

My current settings:

1733 / 4 = 433.25 fsb
unlinked memory -> gives 20/13 ratio
All temps doing good (Idling at 34C case and 45C highest core)
all voltages on auto -> Yea, I know, not great... Still kinda sketched out about playing with these, my bios is different from guide and until im 100% on voltages, wont touch)
memory timings 9-9-9-24 2T did not touch advanced
Left my c1 and speedstep enabled

I cant seem to go higher than that w/o crashing between post and windows boot.

What is my next move, how do I go higher?

My board says it goes all the way to ddr3 2000 (OC) - does that mean I can set my memory for 2000, or at least, keep it linked with fsb until that point?

How do I fine tune my voltages? I dont understand how you can select a specific voltage when ive notice the auto settings constantly adjust it (between 1.296 and 1.31 in my case) How do u compensate for this when setting your voltages to a specific value?

After getting to 1833 or 66 cant remember fsb, and enter boot (it crashed while loading windows), the temperatures in my bios were doing fine, sb nb 51 49 and cpu at 41.

I feel like my hardware can handle the heat, I just dont know enough about OCing to understand why I am crashing.

Any thoughts, advice, screens from similar air setup and even helpfull links are all appreciated.


Oct 20, 2008
Q9550 can run 4.0 with less than 1.4v, manual to 1.35 and see id its stable, you gonna need to raise the NBv and maybe CPU VTT ( i had to add .1v to my VTT for 1.3 vs 1.2 stock.) my spec

CPU : 1.45
NB : 1.5
SB : 1.5
CPU VTT : 1.3
MEM : 1.875

MY cpu is a 65 nm that need More V. your 45nm can run 4.0 under 1.4v im ^pretty sure.

Manual your V , watch temp. If its stable... Take one V down justa lil bit and see if its still stable. if not .. go back higher ! its your lower stable V !

Take every V and try lowering it, to find the lowest V possible. ( less heat )