Qestions about Sapphire hd 3870 x2


Dec 8, 2005
Hey Everyone i have a back up system

Ultra 750watt 79% effenicy 45amps on single rail
thermaltake W8000 full atx case x2 80mm x2 120mm led's x1 250mm
Asus p5k-V
Intel E6420 3.2ghz/1600fsb
120gb 7.2k
x1950 pro 512mb

19" lcd 1440x900

games played wow/cod2/cod4/cod:waw/cnc3 will it maxx them out and by way better then my 1950pro. i am getting x2 3870 for $75 shipped which i think is a very good price.

i never played with x2 and i think it would be the right price to play with 1 to see if i like it or not.

Please give me your input

If you can get one for $75, that's worth it. A 3870x2 is somewhere between a 4850 and a 4870 when CF is supported, IIRC, which is faster than any current $75 card.

Yes, the 3870x2 is basically 2 3870's crossfired on a single card.
At best, it will perform a little better than a 4850, at worst, quite a bit slower.
While it is not bad for the price, I would recommend a 4850 for just a few $ more.

A 4850 will give you similar performance (much better in titles that do not support CrossFire) and requires much less power.
It will also handle AA much better than an old 3K series card.
If I remember correctly, they had an issue with massively lower performance when AA was enabled.
The new 4k series has fixed this issue and now offers 8xAA with next to no performance hit compared with 4xAA.