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Question Quad Channel RAM on a Dual Channel MB (Already Ordered)


Jun 24, 2014
I know there are plenty of threads about this but I want to know the likelyhood of having problems.

I have ordered a PC that is getting built by a third party as although I have a lot of experience in building, I went for the easy option, and going for more aesthetics I opted for 4 8gb sticks (quad channel set) of Corsair Vengance RGB Pro to fill the slots only to realise afterwards that the CPU and MB are dual channel.

I understand this was a poor choice as I might not get full speeds or be stable, but will there be much of an affect on overall performance? Bearing in mind I also paid for an overlocking service.

I hope that makes sense, probably should have spent more time looking at specs before purchase really.



The CPU (memory controller) has to work harder with 4 sticks vs. 2 sticks and may require higher voltage or not be able to overclock as high as with 2 sticks. It's also harder to overclock or tighten timings on the memory with 4 sticks and they may require slightly higher voltage to be stable.
Real world performance difference should be negligible though. If you really need the 32GBs it is what it is. I'm guessing the price difference between what you got and 2x16GB sticks was substantial.