Quad core 2.5GHz = 10GHz processor?

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Mar 16, 2009

Stupid question, I know. But some guy on the internet simply will not accept that cores don't multiply together, and that a quad core at 2.5GHz doesn't make a processor equal to 10GHz. He's given me links to ads on eBay of people advertising them as 10GHz processors and deems that as "proof" of his claim.

Maybe one of you can explain better than I can the difference between clock speed and cores so this guy walks away a little less ignorant.


Jun 4, 2006
If you have one huge trench to dig, and some city construction workers to do it, each running at 2.5GHz, you can easily have 4 construction workers dig at once, for a combined total of 10GHz of digging!

If, however, you have a broken pipe down a manhole to fix, one 2.5GHz city construction worker will hop down in there and get to work, while the other 3 will do what they do best, stand around and watch. Obviously this task would be finished quicker if the one guy working were running at 10GHz, but he's not, so 3/4 of our tax dollars are wasted!

(The guy you are arguing with is probably a 'stander'. Best to just move on and let him wallow in his ignorance.)
Agree with the last line ^.
Move on and forget about this. This guy is too far behind the curve, it will take months or even years of education for him to overcome his ignorance. It simply cannot be overcome in a few threads on a forum.


Jan 2, 2008

That type of stupidity cannot be fixed, it is a disability he will live with all his life... poor guy...
OK, OK, real answer this time, in case hes a relative. heheh
If a 8 cylinder motor runs a 2500 rpm and a 4 cylinder does as well, the 8 cylinder isnt 2 engines
PS relative, hopefully as in In-Law


LOL, I love those ebay ads. Wait til the suckers that fall for it do charge backs when they find they have been mislead. "False Advertisement" Paypal will do an immediate reversal of funds if asked.

I sell on Ebay, and have to compete with those idiots.



Ghz refers to the speed a core is running at...

Sorta like sound...

Having sounds with the pitches 120hz and 550hz don't make them combine to whatever they add up to... (otherwise our eyes would be dead by now.
Sounds like another job for my cake analogy...

Having a quad-core CPU is like having four ovens in your kitchen. If it takes, say, 30 minutes to bake a cake in one oven, four ovens doesn't let you bake a cake any faster. But you can bake four cakes at once, so you're up to 8 cakes/hour instead of just the 2 cakes/hour you can get with one oven.

Some "applications" such as making a dinner can take good advantage of 4 ovens - you can roast the turkey in one oven while you cook the veggies in another oven and bake the cake in a third oven, etc... But it still takes 30 minutes to bake a cake.

So, while under the right circumstances a quad-core 2.5GHz processor may be able to do as much work as a single-core 10GHz processor, in reality they are quite different beasts and it's very misleading to make that claim. It would be kind of like saying your oven can bake 4 cakes at once just because it can go up to 1600 degrees...


i think the cake analogy is the best way ive heard it xplained so far, i was working on something about planes and engines, but that is much easier to understand.



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Jul 8, 2008
you know this is a really funny thread because wow there are soo many people even "TECH CERTIFIED PPL" would tell me that man my quad core is runny at 12ghz because each core is runny 3ghz so yea you gotta combine them. I said i dont think thats how it works sir, so he replied, "trust me, im a pro, i do this for a living helping people like you understand computers" i was like wow in my mind, so i just told him hmm i guess u are right, then he just simply said "well i hope u learned something useful today" seriously there are way too many ignorant people out there that would talk so much about something they dont know about and are so damn sure they are right no matter if its wrong. oh well just move on, i came across this article because as i was playing call of duty 4 on my pc this guy just popped up telling everybody his computer specs are better than everyone.
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