Quad Q6600 OC, DDR3, Watercooled rig.


May 31, 2008
Hi everyone. I've read alot of Toms Hardware articles, but im still very noob.This is my first forum post.

I am planning to build my first overclocked rig - OPERATION DEEP BLUE QUAD w DDR3. I am looking for advice. This is the list of product i've focused on. The core idea of my project is to overclock a Q6600 from 2.4 to 3.4Ghz, maybe 3.6. at 1600 FSB, Blue UV liquid cooling. Stability is very important to me, so is a sleek looking build.

I have been reading a few of the guides, but im a little bit baffeled still as most of the items in guide are for slightly older motherbboards. I think my system will revolve around a 1600 FSB and a X48 chipset.
This will be my first OC computer, but I want it to be a good value one. My questions will follow after the component list. Any foreseeable problems with this setup before I buy? I start to get squimish around the $1800 mark.

Product Unit - Unit Price:
Antec 900 case - Already got it. lots of fans.
ASUS P5E3 DX X48 edition (Alternatively a ROG Asus Series with a X48?)
Q6600 Apparently it must be the (SlacR G0 version/batch)
CORSAIR 2GB KIT DDR3 PC3-11000 RAM-TWIN3X2048-1333C9 $134.00
Raptor X Western Digital 150GB SATA 10K RPM 16MB HD-WD1500ADFD $197.00 (For the OS)
Seagate 500GB 7200RPM SATAII 32MB HD-ST3500320AS $79.99
EVGA 9800GTX 512MB PCIE 2.0 VC-EVGA-512-P3-N871-AR $330.00
LG DVDRW 20x SATA (Black) - Standard
DVDRW-LG-$35.00 - Standard
OCZ Silent Stealth 600w
32 bit Vista H-Premium $127.00
Thermaltake BigWater 760I $165.00 OR Zalman Rezerator XT Black. $420

Q1. I've found myself conflicted on the best liquid cooling device. Zalman reserator plus+ looks sweet, but poor performance so i read. Thus im leaning on these two option... I like the idea of an outside unit, in case of leak. Anyone had leaks with water cooling? I understand to change coolant every 6months - 1 year, yes? These products should both handle a Solid overclock to a Kentsfield Quad-core? Does the Northbridge need to be liquid cooled or are the full copper heatpipes on these Mobo good enough? (using antec 900 case that is...)

Q2. Good for future compatability? (im not so sure ill be able to afford Nahelem next year come Xmas or 2009esh, or if any progs will actually be able to benifit from hyperthreading for another two years. Software is still not fully utilizing Quads these days yet... so I hear. I hear Intel is suppose to drop its chip prices come July 1st or the end of this Quarter? Its currently May 31st, 2008. Estimate a $217 to $199? or more? other than I higher price tag, is there really alot of benifet by going 45nm?

Q3. Will this memory OC well? I know the just of CAS latency timings, or at least I did... But I am humbled by DDR3 technology. Do i need more extreme memory than this?

Q4. Im partial to the the Asus P5E3 MOBO, I like the idea of Express gate, not sure if ill actually use it much, Anyone else got it? I'd like to hear from you. I alternatively like the Asus Striker Extreme 2 or another ROG?, Blue and Black are the color theme here, sorry Gigabyte, you look retarded. :p

Q5. I am quite new to the BIOS modifications. I hear the ASUS Repulic of Gamers Series are good for thier EZ overclocking. Is this true? Do they actually work well and stable?

Q6. Whats the key question I should be asking but havent yet? ... hind sight here i come!

The more I look at the big spec picture the bigger it seems to get. So... I stand humble before the hardware community. I've spend a stupid amount of hours looking into this project and it seems nevering ending details abound. Thank you for your time and efforts getting back to me. I've been shopping this purchase too long. Thanks in advance for your replies.

SpeedyQuad - 23/M/Canada


Aug 17, 2006
Before I start, dump the raptor for the WD 640, 3 times the storage, and just as fast, if not faster than the X, at $100.

I went the 790i for my new build, possibly the easiest oc'd board ever.

Unlink the fsb/mem, disable a few items and overclocked my Q9450 to 3.6 on stock auto settings.

I am on water, pretty much Swiftech stuff, but have 3 120 rads to cool cpu and 2x 8800 GTX's in sli. Hitting 19k in 3dmark06 at 47c for the cpu and 52c for the gpu's.

I have 2 rads in the case (P180), one front, one rear, and added a third to the top due to the quad. (had a Q6700, the 9450 runs about 12-14c cooler than the 65nm chip at load.

Look at the Swiftech sets, the 30 series pump is quiet and powerful, the apogee GT waterblock is made for quads.

Dump the 9800 for 2x 8800GT for the same money, sli them on the 790i and you will mop the floor over the single 9800.

Flash to the newest board bios when you get the 790i, solid as a rock.


May 31, 2008
In order to overclock the Q6600 to 3.60Ghz (FSB 400mhz), you don't really need a motherboard supporting 1600mhz FSB.

I have my Q6600 @ 3.60Ghz on a junkie P35 mobo, just add some more voltage to the northbridge and bling!, stable in P35, no need for an expensive x48 motherboard.

For the memory, i wouldn't get DDR3 yet, 2x2GB (or 4x2GB, if you want to rock) 800Mhz (you don't need more than that because of 400Mhz FSB - 1:1 multiplier). Cruciall, Corsair, Geil, OCZ, any of them is fine.

Of course, if you have the $$$, you can go for DDR3 and x48, but you could also get a better processor (Q9450 if you need Quad-Core, E8400 Dual-Core).