Quad vs Dual Core for Multi Monitor Work


May 17, 2012
I am currently in the process of selecting components for a desktop hooked to 2 or 3 monitors. The purpose of the computer is for stock trading so I need a system that is very responsive. I will have multiple tabs open on each monitor to observe graphs and data. The computer will NOT be used for gaming. In the future I may add more monitors if needed.

My question is would a quad core be beneficial? I am debating between an i3 2100 and an i5 2400. Because I am not gaming will the i5 2400 be overkill? This is all going to be run on Windows 7 installed on a SSD with 4 to 8 gigs of RAM.

My goal is a computer with minimal lag when switching between tabs or openeing windows. My current laptop (AMD) slows down with multiple tabs open on firefox and it drives me crazy.


Dec 7, 2011
While a quad core is not needed for multiple monitors (performance wise), the use of several screens indicates heavy multi-tasking and that's where more cores are always good to have. :)

I'd go with that i5 2400, 8GB RAM and a cheap passive cooled ATI card with Eyefinity.
Hi :)

My company builds machines for Estate Agents who want to run 6 screens from each machine...

We used to use dual cores but these days its low end quads...with triple graphics cards with the PAID version of ULTRAMON (control software for multiple cards and brilliant)

Having said all that, we also provide machines for a stock broking comapany and they buy the biggest , most expensive machines we build....the way they look at it, is that they wont scrimp on machines that are going to make them LOTS of money ..

All the best Brett :)