Question Quadro + Geforce Same System Issues


Jan 29, 2016

I'm helping a friend of mine work through a (remarkably unorthodox) multi-GPU setup for his system. In short, we're trying to pair an Nvidia GTX 1050ti and a Quadra FX580 on the same Windows 10 system. His motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H. The 1050ti is installed in the PCiE x16 slot, and the Quadra FX580 is installed in one of the PCiE 1x slots via a 1x -> 16x riser card. Windows 10 recognizes both devices in the device manager. Yes, I understand the bottlenecks, warnings, and otherwise ridiculous nature of this setup, but he just needs it for additional monitor outputs. Buying a completely new 10-series GPU or new motherboard is out of the budget, and USB-based video cards are too unreliable and underperforming for what we're after. This is what we've tried so far and the results we've gotten:

-With no modifications (1050ti in x16, FX580 on riser), the system defaults to the 1050ti and shows no output on the FX580.
-With the 1050ti in the riser and the FX580 in the x16 slot, the FX580 shows no output and the 1050ti works without a hitch.
-With ONLY the FX580 in the riser OR the x16 slot, the system works without a hitch again; the FX580 works fine.
-Booting into an Ubuntu installer shows BOTH GPUs working simultaneously regardless of their slot. This highlights that it isn't a hardware problem, but likely a driver one with Windows.

Here's where things get interesting.

Booting into Windows 10 safe mode and running DDU (followed by a reboot back into safe mode) enables both GPUs, and they both work. Which suggests that Windows 10 is definitely capable of operating in this configuration. However, attempting to install either driver for either card (or even just letting Windows do so on its own) breaks the FX580 and enables only the 1050 ti, giving a "Code 43" for the FX580 in device manager.

We're both completely perplexed. Drivers for the FX580 aren't important, as it's just for additional screen real estate, though being able to run the latest drivers for the 1050ti would be nice for best game performance. Is there a way to "lock" the working Microsoft Basics Display Driver to the FX580, keeping it in a working state and allowing the 1050ti to be updated? I did this successfully with my personal system with a 1080ti and an old ATI card and it was plug-and-play for me; both cards worked great and there were no driver issues, so I'm completely stumped as to why this configuration is giving us so much trouble.

Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated!