Quadro K4000 pair with Quadro K2000

Jun 18, 2018
I currently use an NVIDIA Quadro K4000 with an i7-3820 processor and MS-7760 system with 8 Gb Ram, (shortly to be upgraded to 16Gb). These drive 2x Samsung S24B370H displays. I use SolidWorks CAD modelling and print to a Wanhao Duplicator D9 2D Printer via Simplify 3D Slicer.
I prefer to print directly through the Simplify 3d via the comms port, to monitor layer by layer progress and status.
I would like to use this last step on a third monitor but the K4000 does not drive all three ports simultaneously.
I would like to add my spare K2000 graphics card to drive this last stage process, while I continue to design in SolidWorks and prepare the Slicing in Simplify 3D.
Can this work without an SLI Bridge, as the 3rd monitor will only be monitoring the layer by layer updates?
Please advise how I can do this, if it does cause a conflict.
Thank you, Howden