[SOLVED] Quadro NVS 450 and Windows 10?


I have a HP Z600 tower. I have just put 2x NVIDIA Quadro NVS 450 cards in it to replace the old card in hopes to run them in SLI. However, I am running Windows 10 and I keep geting a blue screen whenever I boot the machine. Are these graphics cards compatible with Windows 10? If they're not is that what's causing my blue screen?

I reinstalled Windows to start again, everything worked up until I got the message that said "Windows needs to restart to finish configuring your device: NVIDIA Quadro NVS 450". As soon as I restart I get a blue screen.

Are these cards just not going to work with Windows 10?
Luckily that card is still supported by nVidia in Win 10 as you can get drivers for it.

However, that is a VERY old card, released in 2008, and SLI isn't used much anymore. In order to get it to work you might have to remove one card and try installing Windows. After that you install the driver and see if you can put in the other card. There is also the possibility that one of the two cards is bad and that is causing the issue.
I think the best bet, is to either get a new graphics card or downgrade to windows vista.
The card is just too old.
Odds are it would work with Win 7 or Win 8. The most current driver is from 2016 which would put it well into the life range of either of those OS's. Trying Win 8 would also mean that you still have time (all be it 1 year) of updates from Microsoft.

I do agree that the easiest thing would be to just get a new card. That is an old G98 based GPU from 2008. Pretty much even a modern low end card will have better performance.
Jun 16, 2022
I got it working!! if you download a copy of Windows 10 pre 2016 and permanently disable Windows updates the driver software still works. I don't mind not having up to date security or Windows 10 features or whatever