Quadro P600; Nvidia driver wont recognize card, windows greyed it out


Aug 25, 2009
I have the PC running off the motherboard card right now.

The basic display driver seems to be holding my P600 hostage. I plugged it in, I get the bios menu and startup on either the P600 or the MOBO graphics, but windows doesn't display anything on the P600. When I turn the bios over to the motherboard graphics, windows starts fine and device manager shows the Microsoft generic display adapter and my intel GPU, but the generic display is only visible after I click show all devices. I also have a code 45. Both older and newer display drivers do not see the P600. However, windows does see that it is a P600 when I try to update the driver, says it has updated it, and it is still showing basic display adapter...

I think I need to purge the display driver, and history of this GPU from being installed in the computer, and start over from there. Just for clarity, I have looked at several threads.

I have manually updated windows to the absolute latest version and I PAID for the software.
I unplugged the GPU from the MOBO twice and turned on between sessions.
I have uninstalled the software and drivers completely for the last ATI GPU.
No Nvidia drivers exist on the PC.
Unplugged the PC, and pulled out the battery to reset the MOBO with the unplugging of the gpu.

I will try to upload pictures of what has occurred when I get back from work.
Ok, NVM, lock the thread. I don't understand windows. I did nothing different, turned it back on, and the stupid thing works now....

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