Question Quadro P620 won't output a signal to the monitor ?


Jan 30, 2016
At work we have a CAD station with a Quadro P620 that I installed after purchase that has worked properly outputing video to our Lenovo Thinkvision S28U-10 display using a micro DP to HDMI cable. A month or so ago I connected a second monitor using the onboard graphics as we didn't have a similar cable laying around. This worked fine until now. Now I only get output from the onboard graphics on the new monitor and nothing from the Quadro GPU.

I have noticed that if I connect the GPU to the new smaller monitor that there are no problems, and vice versa if i connect the onboard graphics to the Lenovo screen it works.

Can't recall that I have done anything to make this happen.. The cable doesn't look damaged either. The GPU-driver has been updated to the latest after this happened R515 U3 (516.94) and confirmed that the GPU is properly secured but still no change.

I can run dual monitor setup like this right now but I want to find out why the GPU doesn't work on the bigger screen anymore ?

PC is a ThinkStation P330 G2
Quadro P620
16GB Ram
400W PSU

Any help would be much appreciated.