[SOLVED] Qualcomm Immersive Home 318


Dec 4, 2014
Hey Guys,

Was looking for an upgrade to my existing home setup, wanted to go for a Wifi 6E compatible router, most of our devices are being upgraded with Wifi 6 and we have a ton of them like 15 in my home, plus TVs, etc. Was searching for routers but could only find an ASUS router that was launched and The Qualcomm Immersive Home 318, which i cant seem to buy or find anywhere, other than in articles. Any suggestions for a new 6E router? or should i wait for the Qualcomm router?

Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Can you actually buy the asus, I have not checked in a couple weeks but it is very new.

It is going to be quite some time before we see what is different between these routers. They can use different CPU chips but for now I think there is only 1 wifi6e chipset....then again that information is very limited also.

What exact feature do you need form the qualcomm. When they use "immersive home" in their description I roll my eyes and say marketing guys selling crap to non technical consumers. It is somewhat surprising to see qualcomm name on consumer equipment most times they just make the chips.

You should not ever use any form of mesh system unless you have no other options. Wifi6e does not fix the problem that you have mulitple radio hops in the path each of which can have issues. If you need better coverage you cable the remote radio sources back to the router. This is using a AP and has been the industry standard since the beginning of wifi. No enterprise customer is using mesh/repeaters that is something only sold to home users.....most who don't have a clue about how critical proper placement of repeaters is. They just plug in magic boxes.

Wifi6e should hopefully solve some of the coverage issues. Not so much because the signal goes farther but more because of all the bandwidth it lets neighbors not overlap. A weak signal with good quality is actually better than a strong signal with poor quality. The main reason peple have coverage issues currently is all the interference. The selling of these so called mesh systems has made the problem exponentially worse. Everyone keeps putting in more and more radio sources which just increases the amount of interference between neighbors. Then again maybe that is the scam, get people to buy more stuff because buying more stuff just makes other people have to buy more stuff.
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