Question quality issues

Feb 7, 2019
why is it that my latest assassins creed videos are such poor quality and yet my older stuff is better like 09 Mass Effect 2 - Garrus! Walkthrough Part 9 this is not promote my channel this is a genuine problem

the only hardware change i have had is a better GPU from GTX 770 to RTX 2080, i still record at 1080P, 40+ mbps, 60fps but yet the assassins creed videos after upload are really bad, there is alot of distortion, now these vid have not been re-encoded for smaller file, i have uploaded the raw file after record,

assassins creed vid

mass effect 2 vid

my frend said it to high bit rate on my assassins creed videos but the mass effect 2 part 9 as the same resolution same bit rate same fps and yet my assassins creed videos are really bad.

video properties

my internet has not changed im still on the same speed same company.
i still the the same program to record gforce exprience

why is this ? i personally think its their end not mine
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