Question Query about Graphic Drivers and An Issue I am Facing in Ubuntu (Help)

Nov 1, 2020
I recently installed Ubuntu on an NVMe and everything was perfectly adequate. This was up until the point I decided to install the proprietary drivers for my GPU (GTX 1080 Ti) through Software and Updates. After my PC reset, I was able to login and do a few tasks, however, there was a problem. Every once in a while, my cursor would freeze and disappear as would my screen and then my cursor would reappear on some other part of my screen. Additionally, there would be times where my screen would hang and all I would be able to do is move my cursor around, until functionality returned after 5ish seconds. There was one point where my screen froze and functionality didn't return, and so I had to force shut down my computer. I even tried using older (proprietary) drivers, but with no avail. Once Ubuntu itself crashed, so I simply hadn't a fix.

I reinstalled Ubuntu without installing the proprietary drivers and so far I have faced no problems. But I want to install proprietary drivers because from what I've read, they are better than the open-source drivers and overall performance is much higher with them.

Is there anyway I can fix this issue? What exactly causes this issue with the drivers? I am certain it is the driver issue because of the issue going post re-installing. I have used the GPU for the past 3 years without any issue.

I do think it is important to note that I also reinstalled Win10 on another drive. There is an issue where the screen goes black for about a second and reappears. This typically happens when I watch a video or I work on a document. This problem didn't exist with it before re-installation.

Thank you for any help!