quesion about "the 3gb not 4 gb" problem


Nov 30, 2007
i pretty much understood the problem with the 3 gb not 4. but i'm kinda confused on some aspects. for example, i installed 4 x 1 gb of memory on my mobo and it shows 3 gb even when it boots up. this is normal? cpu-z also shows the 4th memory slot is empty.

then the 2nd part. i shut down the PC and removed the 4th dimm, all was ok, still 3 GB. then i removed the 2nd dimm and inseted it into the 4th slot (i thought one of the dimms is broken ) and then it said only 2 GB of memory.

also, the memory is 800 mhz standard but wont go at 900 even with a 2,1 V boost and loose timing. from what i could tell the mobo is kinda **** up when comming to high speed memory. should i increase NB voltage?



Feb 21, 2006
No, this is NOT normal.

All 4gb should be recognized in BIOS.
It sounds like you have a bad memory Slot on your Mobo.

Your RAM not going to 900Mhz is not necessarily a Mobo issue.
Not all RAM will OC that well.

Definitely try is with only 2 sticks in.

3/4 Dimms makes OCing RAM tougher.