Question Question about 12v to 5v adapter + splitter in water cooling


Oct 4, 2018
Hey guys,

I am doing my first watercooling project on my PC and have a question about the best approach to get my 5V RGB working in my 12V system. I have the following motherboard

ROG STRIX B450-F Gaming (2x12v RGB Headers 3A each)

I was able to get a reservoir with built in RGB and pump + a CPU RGB block for cheap. However these units have 5v connectors for RGB and my MB has 12v headers.
I know it is not ideal, but since i already got these units cheap, (with my limited knowledge of how these electronics work) i investigated how to acommodate the 12v/5v compatability issue and found the following solution.

I will buy an 12V to 5V adapter like this: -providing me with a 5V header which i will connect to a 5V hub like this: providing me with plenty of 5V headers which i can connect my pump RGB and cpu RGB connector to. Since i have plenty of 5V outlets in the hub, i will go all in on 5V and buy 3xRGB 5V fans and a GPU 5V RGB block which i will also connect to this hub. So, a total of 6 RGB units connected to this setup. (I will connect fans, pump etc. to different dedicated outlets)

Question 1: Will this setup provide enough power for these units? Could they fry my MB Header?
Question 2: ARGB is not within the scope of this setup, but do you think my units could transitioning through all the RGB colors as it would if i connected one directly to my 12V RGB Header, or would they ONLY be able to show static Red, Green or Blue color as regular LEDs?

Question 3: Is this a completely stupid solution? Any alternative proposals are WELCOMED!

Thank you in advance!

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