Question about Acer nitro 5 when gaming


Nov 29, 2015
Hey guys first sorry for my english.
So I wanted to buy these days a budget friendly gaming laptop. In my country even if its close to black friday we dont really have great discounts (its more like a marketing trick so the big chain stores drop slightly the value of old hardware).

As i said Im looking for a gaming laptop so having an ips screen an ssd and at least a 1050 its my start point. Also i have to say that Im playing spesifically games like divinity 2 /pillars 2/disco elisium and maybe some indies, so no heavy AAA stuff and not compettive online battle Royale games that need 120 hz or sth.

The most popular lenovo/Asus/hp(alienware out of question) with my specs cost close and more than 1000 euro so these are way too much, my top is close to 650. So I found, I think a good deal with Acer nitro 5 with the i5 cpu 256ssd ips screen 1050 Gpu and the value is 600 euro only these days at the black friday week.

I read the classic Amazon comments and average score some Google reviews and also YouTube review videos.

Mostly I found that its regarded as a solid laptop in general opinion with positive feedback except one guy on YouTube (The most popular laptop channel) who said he felt it getting too Hot when gaming especially for more than an hour. . (he also opened it and didn't like the way Gpu and cpu Flow the heat cause they are too close).

So I wanna ask any owners if this happens often? Is it too Hot? But as i said I understand if I play 2 hours straight assassin's creed Odyssey with high quality graphics its normal and its obvious that it will get hot. But what of my kind of games who are not so power and graphics demanding from the system. If I play lets say divinity 2(normal graphics ) for 2 or 3 hours will it still get Hot??