question about an item in my bios


Apr 10, 2008
In my bios under the motherboard tweaker category there is something called C.I.A.2. To me this sounds like it automatically adjusts my cpus performance based on what im doing. Am i correct?
and if i am which setting is best. There are a few and i don't know the difference.
There are more but i forget them. Is this worth using or should i just leave it off and overclock normally?
Anyone that can help me its much appreciated.
Thats Gigabytes auto overclocking feature, I never use those auto overclocking features because they are always conservative, to keep the M/B manufacturer out of a liability situation, if you're after your best attainable overclock, do it manually.

If you're a novice to overclocking, its a sure and safe overclocking feature.