Question question about asrock b450m hdv r4

Sep 28, 2018
Yes. But, there are some steps to making sure it works. The B450 Chipset is made for the Ryzen 2rd Generation, if you want to use the Ryzen 3600, then you need to first use a 2rd Gen Ryzen CPU and update the Motherboard BIOS to the latest drivers that support the Ryzen 3rd Gen. Most Motherboards that are in the 2rd Generation have a new software update to support the 3000 Series CPU's. All you need is a USB Thumb Drive, and a 2rd Gen CPU. I'm assume your upgrading from a 2000 Series CPU. If your not, sadly you need to either buy a cheap 2rd Gen CPU like a 200E APU or find a new motherboard that supports BIOS Updates without a CPU. Though if I were you i'd just buy a new fully supporting Mobo for 3rd Gen, sadly there only are the X570 Chipsets which are expensive in my area. DMAN999 linked the ASRock BIOS Update.
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