[SOLVED] Question about asrock bios update


Apr 29, 2016
First off im new to bios updates so just keep that in mind.I recently bought a Asrock b450m pro 4 for my new ryzen 5 3600 build. The motherboard out of the box came with bios version 3.30 which includes support for ryzen 3000 series. there have been 3 bios updates for my board since 3.30, so do i need to update to each individually or can i just go straight to version 3.60?

Another question I have; for version 3.30 (my current version) it says "* Please install "AMD all in 1 with VGA driver ver:" or a later version before updating to this BIOS." It says the exact same thing for version 3.40 and 3.50, do i need to download this as well or do i already have it since my mobo came with 3.30 which required that driver (i think).

Sorry if these seem obvious but im new to bios updates and the new ones offer a 'better matisse experience' so im guessing its worth it. I also heard some Bios versions can lower temps which would be nice because my cpu gets up to 80c while gaming (occasionally spikes to 83c) Thanks in advance. If I need to clear anything up please let me know.