Question Question about background processes


The count can vary significantly. I have about 150 Processes running via Task Manager.

(Side bar: Interesting - a bit higher than what I expected so I am going to go back later and take a closer look....)_

Overall though, I do not pay that much attention to the physical count per se. Windows is always doing all sorts of things and what is what is difficult to determine.

Use the Status %'s to identify named processes that may be taking, using, demanding high % values. Click the column headers to sort the results in descending order.

Resource Monitor will do much the same.

People are often tempted to just kill some process that appears to be an issue. May not end well....

If some process seems to be dominating resources, google the process and learn what it is and what it is doing.

Could be some corrupted or buggy app. Or it could be a matter of inefficient code. Or just an app that, by its purpose and nature, simply requires lots of memory or CPU use for example.

Look in the Start Up tab. Ensure that you indeed want and need all of those apps being launched boot up.

Easy enough to set up a desktop icon to allow you to launch an app as you need to use it versus having it always running in the background.