Question Question about best Mobo for 6800xt & 5800x


Jan 20, 2019
I'm saving up to upgrade my PC and am trying to find the best/correct Mobo for a RX 6800 XT and a Ryzen 7 5800x in an ATX Full Tower Thor V2.

The current mobo I am looking at is pricey, but I assume if I save enough it will be worth it in the long run. It's the "ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming ATX Motherboard."

I am not terribly tech savvy, but would consider myself moderately so. However I am not certain if this is the best mobo for the high end rig upgrade I am saving for and do not know a lot about them. Specifically the lower speed RAM is what I am concerned about, which is apparently 2133 MHz max, if I am reading correctly.

  1. Would that be an issue for a gamer who plans on doing 4k 60FPS?
  2. Can anyone recommend a better or more suitable Mobo?
If there is a mobo that has all the necessary bells and whistles for the hardware I am getting that's cheaper, or if the x570 E is overall most compatible with the hardware set up, I would appreciate someone telling me so.

I assume any 2133MHz RAM will work on teh mobo, if anyone feels like recommending RAM as well, that'd be real neat.

Much thanks for any info.


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1. Actually running 2133MHz cripples any Ryzen chip. That is a mislisting on the Amazon page though (or at least, not elaborated on appropriately). You'll see the full listing here:

For guaranteed compatibility with memory, consult the QVL for the motherboard.... but in all likelihood, just about any DDR4 2133-4000MHz kit should work fine by enabling D.O.C.P

2. "Better" is subjective a lot of the time. Really depends what you're looking to do.
If you're just looking for compatibility with the CPU and GPU, reasonable VRM for the chip and a (mostly unnecessary) Gen4 x16 slot for the GPU, just about any X570 or B550 (with a BIOS udpate) board should suffice. With an ATX case, I'd probably stick with an ATX board.

Realistically though, for 4K 60Hz gaming (assuming no streaming etc), you could consider the Ryzen5 5600X with a B550 board (with a BIOS update or flashback utility). That would net you a quality CPU (6c/12t) and motherboard for very similar money to a 5800X alone.

As for memory, look to something around 3600MHz, CL15 (ideally) or maybe CL16 (for roughly 1/2 the cost of CL15)..
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That Asus Rog is over priced. Spend less on the motherboard and more on a faster memory sticks, you will gain much more.
There's plenty of good B550 that cost half of that, like the B550 Steel Legend, the B550 just has less PCIe lanes, which if you don't have crazy amount of storage and or not running dual GPUs, you will be fine with a B550. It's a good mobo with very good VRMs, I currently have that motherboard with a 12 core running rock solid all day with no issues overclocked.
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