Question Question about Cables Mods

Hi all,

I've been looking into getting a new case as I've had several crashing issues with my recent 3080 upgrade. Crashes, which do not occur if the front/side panel is open as currently my 3080 is 1mm away from my middle (middle of 3x120 front intake) fan and completely blocking its airflow and half of the bottom fan isn't really providing anything. I am going to get a case that doesn't have a tinted side panel so I am spending more time thinking about aesthetics.

I'm looking to get a few cable extensions to make it look nice and clean but I would like to verify first for safety before I blow anything up.

The cables I am purchasing are indeed extensions. The connection will be as follows:
Leadex III > Stock Cables > Cables Extension > Component

Is this safe? Or do I have to worry about brand/component compatibility?

P.S: My PSU is a Leadex III 850 Gold.