Question Question about Copying and Pasting Primary and Backup Music Folders from Desktop to External Hard Drive on Windows 10


May 26, 2019
I am sure there may be a simple answer to this question, but I would like to ask this as a precaution. In Windows 10, I have both a primary and backup music collection folder with hundreds of subfolders (albums, artists, custom folders, etc.) and thousands of songs (FLAC, AAC, and MP3). I have both folders stored on both my desktop PC and external hard drive. I am in the process of updating my primary music collection folder by ripping another CD album, creating a converted copy, backing it up to the backup music collection folder, and transferring both folders to the external hard drive. Now, I know I do not need to re-copy and re-transfer the songs that already exist in the primary and backup music folders in both the desktop and external hard drive. Would I simply copy and paste the main folders or sub-folders over to the external hard drive and tell Windows to not overwrite the already existing files and folders and only add the new files and folders? I am asking this as a precaution because it took quite a while to rip and convert my CD album collection and I do not want to risk messing something up during the copy or transfer process and it could take a while to navigate and copy and paste a file or folder from its source location to the same spot in the copy location.

Thanks in advance.
Music is also the most important thing I do on my PC.

If I am following you, you want for each song, somewhere on your various drives:

An "original" rip from a CD, probably lossless (WAV or Flac)
A backup copy of that to an internal, also lossless
A conversion of the original lossless to an internal, maybe mp3
A backup copy of that conversion to an internal, also mp3

4 so far

And then all of that replicated to an external.

Total of 8 versions of every song.

I have my own method, but I want to understand yours first.

Here's a hint:

Don't copy and paste.
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