Question Question about customizing my PSU shroud

Jun 27, 2022
Okay, this is probably the most stupidest question I've ever asked, but recently I've been wanting customize my PSU shroud. I thought about just printing the picture I want and using double sided tape to attach it on the shroud. Is it safe to do it? Will it heat up my system by any chance? I know PSU shrouds exist where you can actually customize it but I just had this genuine question for a while. Besides, the one I want costs around $70 and its a little over my budget.


It's a shroud. It's a useless piece of metal or plastic that has zero affect on anything except aesthetics. It's entire purpose is to allow full sided tempered glass panels and still hide the psu cabling. It's not structural, needed, important for anything other than looks. Chop it up, stamp it, paint it, remove it, makes no difference.

Sticker paper has 100% adhesive coverage, it's sticky from edge to edge, so sits flat and stuck completely. Paper does not, nor does using double sided tape. What'll happen is within a short period of time the paper will curl at the edges and look like crap, and double sided tape also has a thickness to it, so will not sit flat on the surface, and look like crap.

Your choice, of course, but when I customize/beautify something I like the results to look better than the original, not worse.