Question about double 4 pin molex to 6pin adaptor


Sep 18, 2017
Hi, I have a question about those molex to 6-pin adapters, thing is I bought the MSI R9 270x Gaming 2GB and the card requiers 2x 6-pin connectors but my PSU has only one 6-pin connector... I have 4 molex connectors that I'm not using but I'm not sure what to do...

Here are the details of PC:

PSU: Spire SP-ATX-420WTN-PFC (420w)

MOBO: ASRock 890GX Extreme3
CPU: Phenom II x4 BE (not overclocked)
RAM: 2x4Gb GSkill ripjaws
GPU: Radeon R7 240 (old one)

Will it have enough power to supply the R9 270x temporary with the adapter till I buy a new PSU or not? I would buy it right now but I'm low on cash for now...

The graphics card and CPU may draw around 18 Amps from the +12V rail during gaming. Your 420W PSU's +12V rail is only able to supply a maximum of 15 Amps. You still need to power the +12V cooling fans and HDD motor(s).

That PSU only has one 75W 6-pin PCI Express power connector because that is all that it can safely handle. Using the adapter creates an overload condition that may cause PSU failure or the PSU may have self-preservation protection circuits that will shut the PSU down.

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