Question Question about Galax RTX 3070 LHR (1-Click OC Feature), is it good/decent???

Hi guys, someone pointed me out to this model

After a search on their website, this one seems to be the very budget model.

As is by far the cheapest RTX 3070 available in my country, and since this brand its been available here for only 1 years more or lessI have no experience with them.

So would be a decent card, or should I better look for Gigabyte, EVGA, ASUS or MSI ?

I got the feeling RTX 4060 and 4070 are still many months away and I already have games that don't get 60 FPS on 1440p. Thats something I would be able to fix with an RTX 3070, which I may sell when the midrgange RTX 4000 series, or RX 7000 became availables.

Thank you for any feed back!!!