Question Question about GPU liquid cooling


Dec 27, 2013
Hi so i have a Asus ROG Strix RX 570 4gb model and when i am playing demanding like games such as Apex Legends, Division 2 and Shadow of the Tomb Raider i am unable to have my GPU in the default gaming mode which is at 1300MHz i have to tone it down to 1190MHz instead and have the fans run at 80% just to keep the card between 55c and 62c because when i have it on the gaming mode or even the overclock mode it jumps to 80c to 90c which i know it is pretty bad.
So my question is because i was looking around for alternative cooling for my GPU and came across the NZXT RL-KRG12-B1 Kraken and for some other forums and video's they were mainly showing the Corsair H55 but they were also using GPU's like a 1070 Ti and a 1080 Ti as well and getting 40c on full load so i would like to know if i was to get this do you think i could get around the same temps as those people or would i need to look for another alternative and also for the VRM's on the card would it be wise to stick little heatsinks as well on it because i still love this GPU and i know i could maybe keep the cooler itself if i was to ever replace the one i am using now so any help would be appreciated and thank you.