Question about GPU/RAM/Motherboard


Dec 7, 2012
I recently asked my friend to build a gaming tower for me, but I'm kinda new to computer hardwares, and I need a few advise on PC GPU , RAM and Motherboard choices.

I have not set a budget for these three parts, but the whole Tower should be around $1500.

-GPU: My local store sells AMD7850 2GDDR5 for $180. If we don't consider its price, is this a good graphic card in general? does it belong to the High end graphic card or Mid range or low end? And how does it do in terms of AA/MSAA comparing to GTX660/660Ti/560 when OC'd?

-Motherboard/processor: My friend said that the -Intel z77E LGA 1155 i7-3770k Quad should be enough for games like BF3/Crysis3 at high-ultra setting. Are there any better ones at a similar price?

-RAM: will 1333Mhz DDR3 16G be enough for demanding games?

Sorry for the newby questions :) I'm still learning computer hardwares.


Aug 30, 2012
The video card is midrange, but better than all the other cards you listed. For your budget you should be looking at a 7970.

If you're looking at the i7-3770k, I would suggest the i7-3820 lga2011. Much better processor and motherboard combo at an equal cost (depending on the motherboard you'd get with the 3770k).

For the RAM, I would get 1600mhz, and 16gb is plenty enough for gaming.

Here's a build for you. You'll play just about any game on Ultra with ease