Jan 31, 2012

How sensitive is a hard drive exactly? I have a hard drive which I take out of my PC every night and lock it up in a safe. The next day I take it out and attach it back into my computer. I have a Corsair 650D case which has a section on top in which you can just pop in your hard drive, no screws or installation required. The hard drive is also encrypted with TrueCrypt.

My question is, how likely is this to damage my hard drive? The data on it is very important and I am very careful when taking it out. I keep it stored in an anti static hard drive container built specifically for internal hard drives.



Hard drives are fairly hardy, and that should not damage it -- just be sure to shut down the drive before disconnect, a disconnect while still writing can corrupt the drive data. If the data really is very important though it should have a backup and if important enough that should be offsite.
How about, you drill a hole in the safe, then move the safe near the PC, and just run a USB cable to an external enclosure inside the safe with the drive. That way you don't have to move it at all.

Although that was mostly a joke, the above suggestion about having a backup, or two, of that drive is very sound. The drive can fail if you never move it and keep it on a leveled 5,000 lb table in a clean room.