Question Question About Having Multiple Monitors Using Adapters

Apr 11, 2019
Hello there, bare with me on this I’m new to this website so I don’t know how you guys post threads properly, Anyways I was planning on doing multiple screen setup for my laptop which is an ASUS ROG G752 and I was planning on getting 2 or 3 ASUS VG279Q or the MG248Q they’re both 144hz and 1ms response time just different pixel pitch and panels, I was wondering how I could possible run these monitors with full hz when I only have 1 HDMI, Type-c, Mini display port, and 4 USB ports. I wanna run 144hz on them I currently have a triple setup using an ASUS VG245H they only run 75hz I managed to connect all of them direct HDMI, Type-C to Hdmi, and a usb to VGA, I can,t seem to find a USB to HDMI that supports 75hz, so yeah I really wanna upgrade to 144hz I can do double setup or triple I just wanna know if its possible. I would like to hear some advice from you guys please feel free give links as well on where to get the proper stuff.