Jul 6, 2003
There is a nice software for monitoring harddisk's health. Its name HDD Life. I was trying to use it and I look at the program if my current hd was operated in several hours. So how the program knows about my hd? If SMART capable for detecting such of that condition?

For comparation, I was buying hd in 4 months ago and my friend was buying hd just for 1 month ago. Both hd are actively used. But for my hd, I never use it for heavy game. When I try to detect the healthy status, the result are: my hd's healthy: 84% and my friend's: 65%; my hd's operational time was only 2/3 from my friend, actually my computer have a high schedule/traffic time to be used (may be same as my friend's computer). It makes me unsure with capability of this software.

How about your comment? May be you have another experience about HDD Life. Or maybe you guess if HDD Life doesnt work correctly?

Please share. Thank you.


May 24, 2006
I don’t think it can predict when ur HDD fails(coz HDD is Mechanical part u know motor 4 etc.) but it seems to b having a built in calculator u know how much power does it take, spin up time, temperature. It may calculate those things and give a percentage. :?