Question About HP H8-1040 & H8-1050 Desktops


Jul 16, 2011
Hello Everyone !

I'm a new member looking for advice.

I'm considering purchasing either the HP H8-1040

Or, the HP H8-1050 Desktop PC

-- Both systems are virtually identical, other than the video card. The H8-1050 uses the AMD Radeon HD 6850, and the H8-1040 uses the Nvidia GeForce GTX 550ti

-- Both systems use a 5400rpm Drive. Their lower end systems use a 7200rpm Drive. I'm surprised HP would use a slower drive on a high-end system. Should I worry about the slower hard drive speed ? Can anyone explain why there could be a reason for the slower hard drive ?

Here's my questions :

Based on the items above, would you choose the 1040 or the 1050 model ?

Is either of the 2 video cards above, a better option ?

Should I worry about the slower hard drive speed (5400rpm vs. 7200rpm) ?

The other option is to build it CTO via HP, though it will cost several hundred dollars more for the same configuration with a 7200rpm Drive. I know I can always replace the hard drive, but I'm not experienced with upgrading desktops.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance !


Sep 13, 2011
Hi StoxMan,
I'm just looking at this hp8-1050.
The SATA controller seem to be the new SATA 3.0: then transfer speed is at 6Gbs.
So even if the drive mechanical speed is lower (5200 vs 7200), this new controller/drive is transferring 2x the data than SATA 2.0 drive at 7200rpm... So it is more like to compare 10400 vs 7200, total throughtput is then 1.44X faster !

Hope it help.