Question about Intel 975xbx2 and Core 2 Quad (Q6600)


Aug 24, 2007
Hi my friends :hello: . well i have a problem, the question is: i have the motheboard Intel 975xbx2 (with chipset i975) and i've seen that it supports processors such as core 2 duo and core 2 extreme, and in the principal page of this motherboard model (at i saw that it too supports the core 2 quad. Then i was happy because i am thinking upgrade my processosr with an intel core 2 quad (Q6600). But after i click the link to the main page of the chipset and in it does not say that the chipset supports the core 2 quad. Then i have a confussion. It can be an error because the guys of Intel forgot to put that this chipset supports the Core 2 quad? or it was an error when the guys of Intel put in the main page of Intel that the mainboard in question supports the Core 2 quad processor? Beside, in others web sites i saw that the mainboard in question does not support Core 2 quad, just Core 2 duo and core 2 extreme (it does not say anything about the core 2 quad, and i take this omision like No Support).

Thanks you for all the possibles answers.

PD: I apologize if my english is not very good, it is not my natal language.


May 25, 2006
The XBX2 does in fact support core 2 quad. I'm actually running my Q6700 on one. Be sure to update to the latest BIOS before you put the new one in.


Jul 31, 2007
the Intel D975XBX2 Supports Q6600,Q6700,QX6700 and the QX6800
all 1066FSB CPUs are suppored in daul and quad Conroe and kentsfield.

1333FSB is a big Q??
some say they work and some say they dont but its Hit or miss with them depending on who you talk to .

Intel does not officaly support it but there have been Boardswith BX2 5.05rev with testing the 1333 cpus and even penryn but Intel wants you to get another MB like a 31,33,35 or the soon to come 38 series.

they think we are made of money LOL