Question about laptop GPU's comparison to desktop.


Dec 8, 2015
Hello i am thinking to buy a laptop with 2070 super 115w or 3070 with 140w.So my question is what is that 2070 super and 3070 compared to a desktop GPU.Because i know that there is difference between laptop and desktop GPU's. I know that the watts are important.I was told that on the laptops i think to buy are with the highest watts GPU's for mobile.So what GPU's are these graphics cards compared in a desktop? I was told that 2070 super is like 3060 in PC, and 3070 is like 3060ti in PC.Thanks. ( Sorry for my bad english)

Nuwan Fernando

I think you are given with similar answers with what I was about to tell you. However 3070 mobile might not exceed the performance of a 3060Ti.

If you are going to use the laptop inbuilt display, look for a one with a Mux switch or advanced optimus to get maximum of your dGPU.