Question Question about mixing nanya and micron memory sticks (please read description)

Jan 17, 2021
Not sure if this is the proper place to ask but any thoughts would be great.

So I recently purchased a pack of 2x8gb 3600mhz ram (CMW16GX4M2Z3600C18) and due to a mix-up I recevied 2 packs at the end instead of just one, so now I have 2 packs of 2x8gb RAM. They're both the exact same model, but using Thaiphoon to check I saw that 1 pack was using Nanya Technology 8 Gb A-die (20 nm) (NT5AD1024M8A3-HP) and the other was using Micron Technology E-die (19 nm) (MT40A1G8SA-075E:E).

Before knowing all this I have been using all 4 sticks together, with no problems except for 1 error in test 8 in MemTest86 every 1/4 passes (tested twice, only this problem).

I'm not overclocking the RAM or planning to overclock, except I am running XMP (at 3600mhz) if that counts.

Is it ok for me to use the 2 packs together or should I find a way to get a 4 pack of the exact same dies? I know that MemTest86 shouldn't show a single error at all, but still wanted to ask and get opinions.

TL;DR: Using two packs of memory with the exact same model number but one has Nanya A-die and the other Micron E-die, is it safe for everyday use?


Xmp is overclocking the ram. It's default speed will be 2133MHz, or whatever the jedec tables allow the cpu memory controller to set default at.

'Safe' is wrong and misleading. All ram of similar form is 'safe' to use, it's not going to blow up the pc because the ic's are from differing OEMs.

Compatible is different altogether. The Only fully compatible sticks are the ones in a single pack/kit as those are tested and guaranteed by the Vendor/OEM as compatible. Using 2x or more kits is not guaranteed compatible, even if the ic's were the exact same OEM, same model, identical in every way except for the Serial production number.

The IC chips are made from sheets of silicon. Each sheet has a unique composition, they all have differing impurities, levels of impurities etc. One sheet might have trace amounts of copper, another sheet might have trace amounts of iron etc. So even identical in every way ram can be different, and thats mostly seen in the Secondary and Tertiary timings, not the 5 Primary timings.

Safe? Yes, totally safe to mix kits. Compatible? Impossible to answer. Could be yes, no, maybe, only you can tell by whether the pc crashes due to ram errors or not.

Going to upto you to determine if that single MemTest error is a deal-breaker or not.