Question about my laptop

Nov 28, 2020
Hello all i am new in the forum, if my thread is on wrong place please move it, thanks :)
So my question is about my laptop, today i noticed the ram stick of my laptop are from different manufacturer one from Kingston the other one from Micron but they both are on 2400mhz .
I bought my laptop from popular shop in my country (Bulgaria). Anyone with idea why my laptop ram stick are from different brands ?
Also my laptop model is Acer Aspire 5 a515-51g-51y2 i cant find information about this laptop on acer official website i can find only for "Acer Aspire 5 a515-51g" without "51y2"
Where i can get official information for this laptop except where i bought it from?
The laptop was probably upgraded by the shop with a second ram stick.
Likely, all is ok.

If you want to test it,
Run memtest86.
It boots from a usb stick and does not use windows.
You can download the free edition here:

If you can run a full pass with NO errors, your ram should be ok.

As to identifying it, often the last few characters of the product name identify options which were included. You can probably ignore them.