Question Question about possibility of this Fan Hub from ANTEC nx600?

Sep 23, 2021
Hi, I am wondering about possibility way to utilize this Fan hub it comes with my case (NX600)?

This Fan Hub use SATA cable to run FANPOWER + ARGB system, it have 4 wire so assuming it take 12v & 5v respectively in order to run both FAN & ARGB.

I am now planning to put another 2 more in top of my case.
But as it is use 6 Pin specific FAN cable, it will be hard to find the fan to add so I thinking about splitter instead.

But my concern is my MSI b460 Tomahawk is provide juice max around 3amps.
And they didn't provide specification of this fan hub at all.

So, it is come to my questions.

  • Is this possible than this fan hub received power from 12v & 5v from SATA cable but receive only "Signal line" from JRAINBOW header (no AMP take from JRAINBOW header itself)?
  • If not, How can I know does this hub take how many Amp or should I be assuming that this fan hub use Amp around 2.2 amp (Approximate as it is have 4 ARGB (0.55 x devices attached to it)?
This might not related to the main question, but I am wondering a few thing about Daisy Chain cable.

  • If I am using Daisy Chain ARGB Fan Cable, if the Amp increased per device I put (like 0.5+0.5+0.5) or I will accumulate into just 0.5 amp instead?
  • The new FAN I look is coming with Molex port but it is stackable (Like picture below),the FAN spec is 12w 0.65amp / 1 fan .

Should I stack 3 FAN up and put in 1 Molex male port or put 1 fan per 1Molex male port instead?
(I have 1 molex cable 4 port left from RM750, I know both should work ok but just wonder which one is more suitable?).

Thank you!