Question Question about processor heat


May 11, 2022
Hi I have a question I have the new i7
and Arctic Freezer i35 cooling

My computer was on
With software that takes a lot of resources from the system for about 3 days

And when I checked the temperature
The computer cpu was about 97-100 degrees

I wanted to ask if it is dangerous?

And how can you check with no damage?
Thanks ..

When I perform operations that require resources from the computer, the cpu rises to 80 degrees and no longer exceeds 100...

Thanks .


What are you idle temps? As for your case, please add the make and model of the unit. What are your ambient room air temps?

You might want to look into another cooler, one that's beefy and can handle a 250W TDP processor or higher.
Intel CPUs are designed to thermal throttle when they get hot. This helps to protect the CPU from ever reaching a dangerous temperature.

A better cooler or setting a negative offset voltage in the BIOS can help reduce your CPU temperature. Somewhere between -50 mV and -100 mV will make a big difference.


Nov 21, 2016
Your fine, I was freaking out with my I5-13600k hitting 100c. After researching this is normal for these CPUs. There is something you can do to reduce it if it bothers you. I don't know what its called for non MSI motherboards but I did this and the temps no longer go over 80c.

You have a MSI board. Go and find the CPU Lite Load setting and manually override to 8 or 9. Your volts will drop significantly, with no loss in performance.