Question Question about Push-Pull on a Kraken Z63


Feb 20, 2014
So I am doing a new build with a Kraken Z63 AIO and an ASUS ROG Maximus XII Hero Z490 Motherboard. I am opting to do a Push-Pull setup with 4 Noctua 140mm fans on my 280mm radiator, mounted to the front of the case (NZXT H710). If you are unfamiliar with the NZXT Kraken system and how it works, please see the last paragraph for an overview**.

Since I am doing a Push-Pull setup, I am concerned about the number of fans that I am connecting to the Kraken radiator (4x 140mm fans total). the device only has the option to mount 3 fans in its stock form since it only has 3 daisy chained fan headers which are powered by the included SATA cable (My guess is that they include the 3-fan daisy chain on all models for ease of production since their Z73/X73 model has 3 120mm fans). Do you think it would be okay to use a splitter on one of the daisy chained fan headers to connect my 4th 140mm fan?

I couldn't find any specifications on how much power the SATA cable provides specifically to the fan headers. Keep in mind that the fans are not the only component on the Kraken cooler that is powered by the SATA cable (at least to my knowledge). Each noctua fan only consumes 0.18A on maximum draw, and a typical fan header on a mobo supplies 1.0A. If the Kraken's "Daisy-chained" fan headers follow that specification, then they theoretically should be able to handle all 4 of my noctua fans. My other option is to just use the fan splitters to connect my radiator fans to the motherboard and control them with the Asus software, however I would rather keep everything related to the AIO consolidated in CAM if possible. I just don't want to risk damaging the device by over-drawing power for the fans. Thanks in advance for any advice!

**I have experience with Kraken coolers so I am familiar with the cable setup. For those who aren't, here is an overview: One connector plugs into the CPU_Fan header (to tell the mobo that the cpu has some form of a cooler), one power cable in SATA form, one cable that connects to the mobo via usb 2.0 header, and 3 fan headers daisy chained together that are controlled by the CAM software. The Kraken Z63 and all of its components are powered by the SATA cable and controlled by the CAM software via a USB 2.0 header.


Jun 2, 2009
A sata power connector can handle up to 4.5A from the 12V based on some quick googling. That's 54W. The power draw of the Z63 according to B&H is just 4.5W. You're probably fine to attach another fan.