Question Question about Razer Core PSU noise ?


Mar 9, 2014
So I am thinking of buying one of the Razer Core external GPU cases, particularly an older one that can be had on the cheap. However, I have read that the major downfall of the older version is their PSUs are incredibly noisy. I have a bunch of nice PSUs on hand, but I can’t tell from the pics if the PSU form factor in the Razer Core is standard. Anyone have any experience upgrading or changing the PSU in these boxes? Any information or feedback would be wonderful.

I have also seen some people mention alternatives on Amazon but they didn’t mention any products. Is there something better I am missing? Personally, I don’t really see how there will be very much difference. So long as it operates up to spec the real issue is the card you put in it, right? Then again I have been wrong before....

EDIT: I suppose I should add that me and my family are not heavy duty, must have bleeding edge graphics sort of people. My favorite games are Paradox Crusader Kings 2-3 and others of similar style. My son is the only one really pushing the boundaries, by our standards. He plays Empires of the Undergrowth, ShieldWall, Formata, and this fish game where you eat other fish (can’t remember the name right now). My daughter plays a bunch of games from the ‘90s that would run fine on a 20 year old GPU. Not sure if that helps or if it matters, but there ya go.

thanks in advance for any help!
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