[SOLVED] Question about resetting my PC and reinstalling windows with a USB

Dec 17, 2021
I need to reset my PC.
Its bad, all my deleted files keep reappearing after reboots.
My disk usage is constantly going up to 100%.
I can't uninstall apps, they just come back.
Super slow.

And when i try to reset, it just restarts the PC and doesn't reset anything.
So, i think my only option is to do a clean install of windows.

I think I can download windows 10 on a USB from the microsoft site.
Then, boot my computer using that USB.
However, this is what I need to know.
If I boot using the USB, can i overwrite everything thats on my SSD currently on my PC.
I want the new windows from the USB to install on my SSD but delete all the files, apps, everything from before.
Will this be possible if I use the USB to reinstall windows this way?
Also, do i have to download windows 10 for my USB on my PC, or can i just use another basic laptop to download windows on the USB.
And then use that USB for my gaming PC?
Hopefully, that makes sense. I would love any help. Thanks