Question Question about servers

May 26, 2019
So I downloaded Adobe Creative Cloud on Windows 10, and my school currently pays for all the software on our accounts associated with our given school emails. I wanted to use this on my PC, so I downloaded CC and logged in with my school email. After typing my school email and proceeding, it redirects me and a popup comes up saying connect to "school server" (It doesn't actually say that, it shows a link like format e.g I believe it may have said "server credentials required" or something like that. For this, I type in my given school username that I use for their services and the password for it as well and it connects me and afterwards I am logged in. Just wondering if anyone else has come across this prompt and also if it actually did connect me to the school servers or something. Will it download stuff I don't know from the school? Will it slow down my computer? I checked task manager and haven't seen anything out of place, but since I "connected" to the school server (not sure if it was just a temporary connection required by Adobe for me to sign in to creative cloud, or like if it was just asking me for the school server credentials or something) does the school have access to my computer or something and could it possibly affect my PC in a bad way?

To add, the school provides us with MacBooks with all this school restrictions set up and stuff (they can also view your macbook screens as well) but this shouldn't happen to my PC right? Should I be worried or am I being paranoid for nothing?